Virtual Reality is one of the newest tools being deployed in today’s classrooms to assist in the explanation of complex subject matters. Recently the EMT Class at P2T (Pathways 2 Tomorrow) in West Point began using the Oculus VR system to explore human anatomy, specifically how the different body systems and organs work together to maintain homeostasis. P2T Health Science Teacher and EMS Instructor Daniel Bridges says that students have been excited about using virtual tools and training to really get a better look at the human body. Bridges says the students can gain a much deeper level of understanding of anatomy in his classrooms by using the VR system. Pictured is Bancroft-Rosalie Senior Kelsey Larsen using the Oculus VR system as she spends time in the virtual world looking at the functions of the heart. Oculus will be introduced as the year continues in other health science classes at P2T including Principles of Biomedical Science. For a quick video demonstration of the Oculus virtual world, you can go to YOU by Sharecare | Sharecare (May not be suitable for those with trypophobia)


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