What Is Team ACCESS?

Team ACCESS (All Children Celebrated, Educated, Safe, and Successful) is a program to support the overall well-being of students, families, and school district staff across the ESU by expanding services and programs that aim to address the overall well-being of agency stakeholders.

To address the mental health needs of students, ESU 2 staff help coordinate services for students and families from outside agencies, such as professional therapists or community agencies that provide various forms of material assistance.  ESU 2 staff also directly support students through small group instruction regarding self-care, peer relationships, and other social-emotional needs.

ESU 2 also provides professional development for school staff.  Topics include Trauma Awareness, Compassion Fatigue and Self-Care, Mental Health First Aid for Youth and Adults, and other topics supporting comprehensive school mental health.

If you would like to learn more about how ESU 2 can support your students and staff through any of these programs, please contact Taira Masek (tmasek@esu2.org) or Megan Reese (mreese@esu2.org).

Meet Our Team Access Staff!

Photo of Johannah Boden-Tracy

Johannah Boden-Tracy

Photo of Korina Cave

Korina Cave

Photo of Meaghan Delaney

Meaghan Delaney

Photo of Lauren Edgecombe

Lauren Edgecombe

Photo of Beth Kabes

Beth Kabes

Disaster Grant Project Coordinator
Photo of Eastyn Klink

Eastyn Klink

MHPP Intern/School Psych
Photo of Brenda Lembke

Brenda Lembke

Photo of Taira Masek

Taira Masek

Photo of Gabby Monroy

Gabby Monroy

Task Force Bilingual Trainer
Photo of Megan Reese

Megan Reese

Task Force Project Director

Referrals & Resources

If you have questions or concerns about the well-being of students, families, and school district staff or other mental health needs please contact us at: 402-721-7710
or click the link below to submit a social support ticket.