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Meet Our Special Projects/Grants Team!

Photo of Kristi Arlt

Kristi Arlt

EIR Project Coordinator
Photo of Brandi Arneal

Brandi Arneal

Mental Health Coordinator

Cali Banks

Graphic Design and Marketing Admin Assistant
Photo of Mackenzie Berg

Mackenzie Berg

Photo of Scott Carlson

Scott Carlson

School LMHP
Photo of Korina Cave

Korina Cave

Photo of Mindy Chandler

Mindy Chandler

Mental Health Coordinator
Photo of Meaghan Delaney

Meaghan Delaney

Photo of Dawn DeTurk

Dawn DeTurk

RESTORE Project Coordinator
Photo of Julia Downey

Julia Downey

Photo of Lauren Edgecombe

Lauren Edgecombe

Photo of Tommy Gerrish

Tommy Gerrish

Photo of Jodie Green

Jodie Green

Project Aware
Photo of Aryn Halsey

Aryn Halsey

Administrative Assistant to Special Projects

William Hunter-Maxwell

Cultural Liaison
Photo of Kristen Job

Kristen Job

Instructional Coach, Student Project Coordinator
Photo of Eastyn Klink

Eastyn Klink

MHPP Intern/School Psych

Cheryl Kreikemeier

Perkins Coordinator
Photo of Brenda Lembke

Brenda Lembke

Photo of Taira Masek

Taira Masek

Photo of Gabby Monroy

Gabby Monroy

Curriculum Trainer Prevention Task Force (Human Trafficking Youth Prevention)
Photo of Tracy Muller

Tracy Muller

Photo of Dale Mundil

Dale Mundil

Health Science Teacher
Photo of Cole Pomeroy

Cole Pomeroy

Data Steward
Photo of Dave Privett

Dave Privett

Instructional Coach & Student Project Coordinator
Photo of Ronda Ras

Ronda Ras

Cultural Connections 2 Success Manager
Photo of Megan Reese

Megan Reese

Task Force Project Director
Photo of Sander Sieglaff

Sander Sieglaff

ESU2 Cybersecurity Analyst | P2T IT Teacher
Photo of Chris Stogdill

Chris Stogdill

Cultural Connection Project Coordinator
Photo of Kristy Theilen

Kristy Theilen

MHPP Intern