ESU2’s visual imparement staff Provide specialized services for students with blindness, visual impairments and multiple disabilities.Educational assessments are provided for students who are blind or visually impaired. These assessments will be provided in the school district or in the family’s home.  Assessments include: Functional Vision Assessments and Learning Media Assessment (including, but not limited to: Braille, large print, magnification, auditory). Visual imparment staff assess student needs and make appropriate educational recommendations, they provide classroom, community and home observations as well as providing ongoing support and information for students, parents, and educators. Staff work cooperatively with parents, school district personnel and others to implement appropriate educational programs and services for those students in need.

Meet Our Visual Imparement Team!

Photo of Jill Johnson

Jill Johnson


If you have questions or concerns about students with blindness or visual impairment please reach out to your local school district.