School psychologists provide assessment, intervention and consultation services that enable educators, parents and other professionals to better understand the learning, social-emotional and behavioral needs of their students, and to identify effective strategies and alternatives that help all children be successful learners.

Services are designed to assist children who are having difficulty learning.  An educational assessment process helps to determine how to provide appropriate learning opportunities. The assessment may also be used to determine eligibility for Special Education services. Consultation services provide teachers, parents and administrators with effective alternatives to address problems with learning and behavior.

School districts contract for services based on their students’ needs.

Meet Our School Psychology Team!

Photo of Sam Bayer

Sam Bayer

School Psychologist

Districts Served:

Photo of Christi Frost

Christi Frost

School Psychologist

Districts Served:
West Point

Photo of Rusty Goetting

Rusty Goetting

School Psychologist

Districts Served:

Photo of Eastyn Klink

Eastyn Klink

MHPP Intern/School Psych

Districts Served:
Mead, Wisner-Pilger

Photo of Briana Momchilovich

Briana Momchilovich

School Psychologist

Districts Served:


Photo of Jeff Tlamka

Jeff Tlamka

LMHP/School Psychologist

Districts Served:
Bancroft-Rosalie, Scribner-Snyder, Wahoo, Independent

Photo of Abigail Tolrud

Abigail Tolrud

LMHP/School Psych

Districts Served:

Photo of Zach Uttecht

Zach Uttecht

School Psychologist

Districts Served: