Dana Fontaine

While there are many online resources the Educational Service Unit provides to our districts, last fall, a few schools embarked on a pilot for the very popular online resource Vocabulary.com. This resource aids students in learning words, not only through context clues and definitions, but through games and friendly competition. Fremont, one of our districts who is very familiar with this resource has received its first Vocabulary.com certification. Dana Fontaine, Fremont Public High School’s media specialist has earned the title of a certified educator in Vocabulary.com.

This certification is no small feat as those enrolled in the Certified Educator program must:

  • Certified Educator Course, online or on-site
  • Three-part qualifying exam
  • Implementation task rubric

Once a candidate has completed these tasks, they will be awarded:

  • 3-year certification
  • An official certificate with course hours
  • A Certified Educator badge on your Vocabulary.com profile page
  • A Certified Educator email signature graphic

The program is free and available online to all educators consisting of webinars, exams, as well as a demonstration of knowledge of the resource through implementation tasks within the resource.

We want to congratulate Dana on her new certification and for spreading the word about words to each and every one of her students, one click at a time.


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