Food Support at Wisner-Pilger Schools

The ESU2 Community Navigator Program serves 12 districts within the ESU service area. Throughout these districts, they support students’ individual needs through assistance in overcoming hardships, navigating resources and building relationships that empower families and help their students in being successful academically and personally. 

Before COVID-19 struck, our Navigators had uncovered a need that was lacking support within the districts: supplemental food options. This prompted ESU2 to start a food drive where employees could donate for those families in need. This fall additional steps were taken and a partnership was formed with the Food Bank of Heartland. After sending a survey out to two pilot districts, the team received feedback from a total of 58 families that were in need of supplemental food support. Staff at ESU 2 were able to pack 50 reusable bags that contained enough items for 2-3 meals for each family.

On Friday October 23, the navigators took these bags to Wisner-Pilger elementary where they were able to provide supplemental food support to 25 families and 80 children.

The navigators will continue to move forward with these pilot schools and their partnership with the Food Bank for the Heartland. While a schedule has not yet been determined, deliveries will continue to be made to those families seeking supplemental food supports.


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