Under the general direction of the Director, the SBMH ACCESS Grant Coordinator is responsible for leading, implementing, and supporting the ESU 2 SBMH federal grant project as per grant goals and objectives.  The coordinator will directly provide collaboration and support to the project; develop/lead/support mental health programming, manage undergraduate and graduate certification pathways; collaborate with district personnel regarding the progress of students, in conformation to project SBMH objectives; communicate with staff, parents, the public regarding mental health supports/programs; provide leadership in the development, implementation, and alignment of grant funded activities; assure proper compliance is maintained to ensure achievement of federal program objectives; provide written support and/or convey information, and serve as a resource to school personnel.  This position will require non-traditional hours (after-school/summer) and an extended contract. This is a supervisory position and will require administrative credentials for staff evaluation responsibilities.


  • Works with Project Director, ESU 2 business office, and ESU 2 administration to support project goals and objectives, recruitment, and screening of potential undergraduate and graduate certification candidates, monitoring of undergraduate and graduate program progress and credit attainment.
  • Assists Grant Project Director in supporting classroom teachers to improve MTSS in social/emotional wellbeing and basic mental health through teacher workshops, retreats, and trainings.                                        
  • Supervisory and evaluation of project personnel including but not limited to data manager and LMHPs, PLMHPs, and CSWs.
  • Schedules and facilitates all project advisory and leadership meetings.
  • Attends conferences, trainings, and meetings regarding mental health, MTSS, or other relevant topics.
  • Collects documentation of district time and efforts to support in-kind contributions.
  • Performs other related duties as required or assigned.

Experience, Knowledge and Abilities:

  • Skills to appropriately manage programs, effective interpersonal and communication techniques with individuals of varied cultural and educational backgrounds.
  • Experience with post-secondary programming/enrollments/program of studies/mental health certifications; staff evaluation; federal grant program rules and regulations including FERPA compliance.
  • Provide direction to others and make independent judgments.
  • Keep and maintain accurate records.
  • Meet deadlines.
  • Experience working cooperatively with others.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Valid Nebraska administrative credential, special education administration desirable.  Large project/program experience a must. Specialist degree desirable
  • Minimum five years’ experience in K-12 education field with staff evaluation/administrative responsibilities.
  • Demonstrated successful experience supporting and implementing social/emotional/behavioral and mental health in schools
  • Demonstrate strong leadership, organizational, communication, and human relation skills.
  • Demonstrate competence in communicating effectively with students, staff, school personnel, members of the public, tribal representatives, and representatives of other local, state, and federal agencies
  • A valid Class O Nebraska driver license and Nebraska Department of Justice fingerprint clearance

How to Apply:

Please send a resume and cover letter to Dr. Ted DeTurk at tdeturk@esu2.org

AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER – Minority and/or Veterans Preference Applies

This position will begin on or before July 1, 2023 and is a five year grant funded project and subject to annual continuation funding.  The current end date of this project will be September 30, 2027.  Pay will be based on experience and credentials.


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