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Subscription Services

ESU2 Web Calendar now download compatible with ical or Google

subscribing to the calendar

You can download an event or calendar to your own ical compatible calendar; or, take the ESU2 Calendar URL and download to a calendar that supports calendar subscribing, such as a Google calendar.  To subscribe . . .

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Subscribe to ESU2 News Updates

Always on the go, but want to be in the know? Receive timely notification about ESU2 news and events without visiting our web site every day with the convenience of News Update .  Here's how to subscribe to news updates from . . .

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Subscribe to ESU2 Calendar Updates

Who can do without their calendar to remind them? A companion to News Updates, Calendar Updates can send you e-mail reminders about the ESU2 events that you clip from a calendar.  Each ESU2 service department publishes a calendar of . . .

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